Wedding Comebacks

8 Kiddy Foods that are making a huge wedding comeback.

So listen, there is no reason your wedding should be limited to boring grown up Indian buffets- specially when the food that brings back your favourite memories are in your childhood ! Here are few kiddy foods with a grown up twist

1. French Fry/ Potato Chip Cones
Imagine guzzling down on a cocktail on a sunny wedding morning, and a waiter coming up to serve you little cones of potato chips or fries with different seasoning. YUM.

2. Ice Lollies (with an alcoholic twist)
There is NOTHING we can think of that is more of a conversation starter than Alcoholic Ice lollies. Infact the folks over at Frugurpop can even incorporate your favourite fruits into one. Strawberry Margarita Ice lolly- yes please !

3. Gulab Jamuns, modern-ified
Gulab Jamuns may take you back to your childhood days, but this modern twist on serving them is not just super convenient but way cute. Pour the syrup into a mini champagne glass and have the Gulab Jamun just float at the top.

4. Milk and Cookies shot
When we spotted this milk and cookies tray being served at this wedding, we thought it was just way too cute. Since Milk and cookies aren’t much of an Indian kid staple, you could switch this around- Have golgappa water in shot glasses, with a gol gappa on top. Or better, maybe have Tang in the shot glasses, with a refreshing summer fruit salad on top?

5. Candy Floss cocktails
You may have spotted these being served at certain clubs around the country like The Social in Delhi, but Candy Floss is making a huge comeback ! Whether it is put in your martini glass, while martini is poured over it to give your drink a sticky, sweet taste, or just as a cart on your engagement. Candy floss is here to stay

6. Candy bar
Put together colored candy balls inside glass jars of different sizes and put them together on a table . Stunning and yum at the same time- would be perfect for your mehendi

7. Lollipops and Cake pops
Loved a good old lollipop? Well, serve some at your mehendi – you can hang them from bangles just as decor, or keep some at every table for your guests to enjoy. You could even get ‘Cake pops’ which are mini cakes baked in lollipop form for dessert.

8. Live Noodle Station
If you are a kid who has grown up in India, then Maggi is a huge part of your weekly routine. We spotted five star hotels recently innovating with noodles- Live counter which served noodles in flavors like Thai Chilli twist , Lemon and Herb and Tex Mex flavor .

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