The Coolest Live Stations

So you know the live counter drill – Pasta, Wok and Dosa are totally passe now, and a new generation of fresh, fun food items are dressing up weddings these days. Which ones- here are a few !

1. Ice Lolly Station: If you follow Alia Bhatt on Instagram you may have spotted her attending a friends wedding with all of them licking on ice lollies in flavours of Mojito, Sangria and Cosmopolitan. These alcohol flavoured ice lollies are the latest sensations.

2. Bartender on wheels: Nobody likes to stand in a queue at the bar and lets face it, there is ALWAYS a queue. A bartender on wheels serving up cocktails for the girls, and hard drinks for the boys is a great idea !

3. Hot chocolate counter: Having a winter wedding? Have a counter with hot chocolate or coffee and let guests make their own flavours. Cinnamon flavoured, apple spiced or just regular. Speak to your caterer and he can hook you up with someone who does this.

4. Pani Puri with unusual flavoured water:Forget the regular pani puri counters, get one with different flavours. Pani Puri with thai flavoured water. Get imaginative and have a kala khatta water, watermelon flavoured water and lots more!

5. Candy Station: We already saw a super sweet candy station at this engagement. This one is super easy to DIY- just get glass jars and fill them up with candy from your local store and keep them on a table on your mehendi / engagement.

6. A ‘pimp your cupcake’ counter: This one is super fun. Plain cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate frosting are kept on the side with a host of toppings for guests to add on top of them. Think marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, syrups and tons more.

7. A popcorn counter as a midnight snack during feras: This may sound totally strange but there are a ton of brands in the market who specialise in not the regular popcorn. You can get tex mex, hazelnut and mocha, cinnamon flavours and about 12 dozen more varieties. Let your guests scoop some up and munch as a midnight snack on your feras.

8. Live Churan counter: This wedding from Patiala featured a churan counter on the mehendi. The guy makes churan infront of you, setting a little piece of paper on fire and rubbing it in his hand. Not only is it great theatrics, it’s a fun little addition on Mehendi!

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