Latest Food Trends

A yummy appetizer is definitely a good start to a perfect meal and also the latest trends in the weddings.

Keeping this in mind, Ashiana has come up with Appeteasers, an array of delectable appetisers that you can enjoy before delving into your delicious food. As you wait for your food to arrive, indulge in pani puri shots and bhel beautifully blended in martini glasses.

The classic tandoori chops with a dash of tangy chili garlic chutney gives a whole new twist to appetizers, which you obviously can have with the cold mango lassi. If you really love spice, the spicy and tangy live chaat corner at Ashiana’s is a must have. It’s acidic, it’s tangy and it’s loaded with flavors. The roasted dip with spices and chillies and the kathi rolls also can be enjoyed with warm chutney filled with flavors. Altogether, it’s pretty mouth-watering.

Don’t miss the trendy, mouth watering desserts of gulab jamum pops, sweet samosos, warm jalebis and rabri to finish up a great meal.

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